WH Lab

The Water Harvesting Lab (WHLab) of the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, Food and Forestry Science and Technology (DAGRI) is active on inter-disciplinary research in the field of Water Harvesting, namely the process of concentrating precipitation through runoff and storing it for beneficial use. WHLab is born to develop research in the field of Water Harvesting implementation, rain water management through GIS applications and International Cooperation, in particular in arid and semi-arid areas and fragile regions.

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The main research topics of the laboratory are:

  1. Participatory approach to Water Harvesting (WH) systems design and management
  2. Effects of WH on ecosystem services and microclimate
  3. Fog collection
  4. Flood Based Farming Systems (FBFS)
  5. Water Conflicts
  6. Wadi Hydrology
  7. Water Related Ecosystem Services
  8. Nature Based Solutions (NBS)






































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