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Internationalization and cooperation activities between GESAAF and Institute of Water and Environment - University of Mekelle (Ethiopia)

The seminar presented the international research activates realised by the GESAAF, the Institute of Water and Environment of the University of Mekelle (Ethiopia) and the research centre MetaMeta (the Netherlands). The topics covered by the collaboration are water management in arid areas, microclimate management for rural resilience, water harvesting and capacity building. The research undergone and the exchange programs of MSc, PhD students and Academic staff were presented. The presentations of the seminar can be found below:

9.30 Welcome Panel

Prof. Gherardo Chirici

Deputy Dean of GESAAF Department

Prof. Erminio Monteleone

Gesaaf Delegate for International Activities


9:45 Cooperation Activities between GESAAF and Institute of Water and Environment

Prof.Elena Bresci

Gesaaf Delegate for International Cooperation


10:00 Research, Projects and Education programs of the Univeristy of Mekelle

Prof. Eyasu Yazew Hagos

Mekelle University, Director of the Institute for Water and Environment


10:30 Participatory design for improvements in Spate Irrigation systems (Ethiopia)

Giulio Castelli

PhD Student GESAAF


10:45 Coffee Break


11:15 Evaluation of soil and water conservation management in Tigray, Ethiopia

Andrea Minelli

MSc student, exchange program 2016


11:30 A4lab project: UNIFI students’ participation in the project in April 2017

Michele Zatelli

Lorenzo Villani

MSc students, exchange program 2017


11:45 Europe and Ethiopia: cooperation between MetaMeta, GESAAF and Mekelle University

Cecilia Borgia

MetaMeta, the Netherlands

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