Course on Water Harvesting

Online professional training course on
“Water Harvesting for Soil and Water Conservation”

The online professional training course on “Water Harvesting for Soil and Water Conservation” will deal with the multiple Water Harvesting techniques that can be applied for soil and water conservation. Water Harvesting represents “The collective term for a wide variety of low-cost interventions which are primarily or secondarily intended to collect natural water resources which otherwise would have escaped from human reach, and buffer them through storage and/or recharge on or below the soil surface. The effect is increased retention of water in the landscape, enabling management and use of water for multiple purposes.”

Water harvesting techniques, such as half-moons, retention bunds, trenches, and many other traditional and heritage-based techniques, also contribute to soil conservation and can be operated together with revegetation and soil fertility management. The course will support perspective students with general information on water harvesting and will develop specific skill on its use for soil and water conservation, including elements of project management. It can enhance the capabilities of BSc and MSc students, researchers, and academic staff, as well as development practitioners, project managers and agricultural and civil engineers, focusing on advanced elements of sustainable land and water management.

The course will be entirely online, taking advantage of Moodle e-learning platform.

The deadline for enrollment is May 3rd, 2021

  • 6 free places reserved for BSc and MSc students of the University of Florence.
  • 4 free places reserved for PhD students of the University of Florence.
  • No tuition fee is due for a total of 10 participants from countries where the issue of water scarcity and access to water is a limiting factor for the development, and where payment of the registration fee can be a hindering factor for enrollment in the course.

For more information and enrolment:

Teachers of each module will be announced soon.


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