Ervina Ervina

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Researcher: Ervina Ervina

Institution: Nofima – University of Life Science, As, Norway.

Institution Website:

Main contact person at DAGRI: Erminio Monteleone


Short bio

2018 -2021 PhD student at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Norway; Department of Consumer and Sensory Science and Innovation at Nofima as part of the MSCA project called Edulia. Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and also holds a joint master degree from the Erasmus Mundus Join Master (EMJM) program.


General Research interests

1) To map sensory sensitivity levels for the five basic tastes and fattiness in preadolescent children and study relationships between these; (2) To uncover relationships between sensory sensitivity, hedonic preferences, food neophobia/pickiness and body weight status in preadolescent children; (3) To investigate children’s sensitivity to sugar reduction thresholds and acceptance of sugar-reduced products; (4) To develop age-specific methods for measuring sensory sensitivity in preadolescent children.


Visiting period at DAGRI: 20 January – 20 July 2020


Aims and activities related to the visit

Ervina’s visit is within the framework of the ITN MSC H2020 project EDULIA, Bringing Down Barriers to Children’s Healthy Eating and within the agreement between UNIFI and NMBU (Norway)


Research activities at DAGRI : Taste responsiveness and food preference Measurement of Food Related Emotions .

Collaborations  at DAGRI: Caterina Dinnella, Sara Spinelli, Erminio Monteleone

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