Water Harvesting Lab



Our full publication list can be found by checking the SCOPUS profiles of our researchers.

You can also check the Lab's page on ResearchGate.


Our key publications are:

  • Villani, L., Castelli, G., Piemontese, L., Penna, D., Bresci, E. (2022). Drought risk assessment in Mediterranean agricultural watersheds: A case study in Central Italy. Agricultural Water Management, 271, 107748.
  • Castelli, G., Piemontese, L., Quinn, R., Aerts, J., Elsner, P., Ertsen, M., Hussey, S., Filho, W. L., Limones, N., Mpofu, B., Neufeld, D. G., Ngugi, K., Ngwenya, N., Parker, A., Ryan, C., de Trincheria, J., Villani, L., Eisma, J., Bresci, E. (2022). Sand dams for sustainable water management: Challenges and future opportunities. Science of The Total Environment, 838, 156126.
  • Piemontese, L., Castelli, G., Fetzer, I., Barron, J., Liniger, H., Harari, N., … Jaramillo, F. (2020). Estimating the global potential of water harvesting from successful case studies. Global Environmental Change, 63, 102121.
  • Castelli, G., Castelli, F., Bresci, E. (2019). Mesoclimate regulation induced by landscape restoration and water harvesting in agroecosystems of the horn of Africa. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 275, 54–64.
  • Certini, G., Castelli, G., Bresci, E., Calamini, G., Pierguidi, A., Villegas Paredes, L. N., Salbitano, F. (2019). Fog collection as a strategy to sequester carbon in drylands. Science of The Total Environment657, 391–400.
  • Castelli, G., Bresci, E., Castelli, F., Hagos, E. Y., Mehari, A. (2018). A participatory design approach for modernization of spate irrigation systems. Agricultural Water Management210, 286–295.


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