Water Harvesting Lab

Sand Dam as Water Harvesting Intervention for Climate Change Adaptation

The edition of 2022-23 will be on “Sand Dam as Water Harvesting Intervention for Climate Change Adaptation”.
It will deal with sand dams presentation as an intervention for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Sand dams are impermeable structures built to collect and retain water within the volume of sediments transported by ephemeral rivers. The artificial aquifer created by the sand dam is able to reduce evaporation losses, guarantee a good water quality and make water available during the dry seasons. 
The course will support students with general information on sand dam and will develop specific skills on siting designing, and monitoring sand dams It can enhance the capabilities of BSc and MSc students, researchers, and academic staff, as well as development practitioners, project managers and agricultural and civil engineers, focusing on interventions dealing with water scarcity adaptation measures. 
In particular, the following topics will be addressed during the course:
1. Introduction to sand dams as water harvesting intervention
2. Sand dams best siting
3. Sand dams design
4. Sand dams management and monitoring 
The announcement of the course will be published in this page and on UNIFI's webpage


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