Mission and International Relations and Cooperation panel

The mission of DAGRI in the international relations

DAGRI welcomes foreign academics, researchers and students in order to foster scientific and cultural collaborations. It promotes incoming and outgoing mobility to improve the quality of scientific production, young researcher training and the cooperation with developing countries.

DAGRI operates within the framework of the international dimension of the University of Florence, ensuring adequate financial resources and administrative support the grown of international relations and cooperation (I&C) activities.

Particular emphasis is given to:

  • Student and teaching staff mobility within the framework of bilateral agreements regulating the Erasmus exchanges
  • The participation to cooperation agreements to encourage direct cooperation between institutions of higher learning in different countries including developing countries and to promote the reciprocal exchange of teaching staff, researchers, students and technical and administrative staff.
  • The participation to European and other International programmes for research, education and training.
  • Attracting visiting professors to fosters the cooperation with academic and research institutions


The I&C panel at DAGRI

All the activities related to the international relations are managed by a specific I&C panel formally appointed at DAGRI.

The panel includes a chairperson Erminio Monteleone
the Cooperation Agreement DAGRI coordinator Giuliana Parisi
the School of Agriculture  Erasmus  coordinator Silvia Scaramuzzi
the  Cooperation for Development coordinator Elena Bresci
three further representatives of the academic staff Edgardo Giordani
Laura Mugnai
Maria Teresa Ceccherini
and two administrative units Lucia Castellucci
Alessandra Pantani


Contacts: internationaloffice(AT)


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