(L4SF) The sustainability in the European food law system

With the L4SF Project ("Law4SustainableFood"), the University of Florence - and specifically the Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies (DAGRI) – aims to nourish the research activities on the European legal framework for sustainable food, raise community awareness on the subject and promote concrete actions for achieving food systems that are inclusive, resilient, safe and diverse, and that provide healthy and affordable food for all people.

This topical issue is addressed through the activation of a teaching module on agri-food sustainability, called "The European legal framework for sustainable food", which takes place as part of the Agricultural and Food Law Course held by Prof. Nicola Lucifero, Coordinator of the Project. Teaching takes place not only through lectures, but also through thematic workshops (in synergy with producer sectors, academia, non-profits and citizenship) and a final conference.

Prof. Nicola Lucifero points out: “The project represents a great opportunity to raise awareness and a culture of sustainability, through a scientific approach, that gives future generations the tools for responsible management and consumption of the planet's resources”.  




Project:  101085589 — L4SF



Start: 01-11-2022 - End: 31-10-2025

Programme: Erasmus+


L4SF is a project founded by the European Commission under the Jean Monnet Action of the Erasmus+ programme

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