ERB 2022
18th Biennial Conference

Field trip

A guided field excursion (approximate duration: 3 hours) along an easy track of the open air Mineral Park in Rio Marina, the oldest mine on the Elba Island, will be organized for all participants. The landscape is scenic and very peculiar, with its moonlike appearance, the rich colours and the fascinating mining equipment from the past. The guide will give us cultural, geological and environmental information about the site and the entire Elba Island. A packed lunch is available. A bus will pick up all participants at the hotel on Friday morning and will take them back to the hotel around 15:30-16:00.


Rio Marina


Parco Minerario dell'Elba: Miniera del Giove

Parco Minerario dell'Elba: Il cantiere delle Conche

Parco Minerario dell'Elba: Rio Marina


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